We’ve integrated our pipelines system with the website to display more insights to our users. Any dataset you publish on DataHub could be in one of three states: processing, succeeded or failed. Below we explain each state in detail.


While your dataset is being processed, you can see a dataset page with information about currently running steps. For instance, it might be creating a JSON version of your tabular data or validating it against a table schema:


This is just a regular dataset page you have seen before:


If processing a dataset has failed, you would see a notice about it with a pipeline title that caused the error. You can also expand the error to read the logs and find out the reason for the failure:

Different versions of your dataset

Each time you publish your dataset, a revision process is triggered for it. You can consider a revision as a version of your dataset, e.g., if it is the first time you have published a particular dataset, it would have version 1 (and the next revision would increment version by 1 so it’d be 2):


It becomes useful when you’ve re-published your dataset several times and you want to get your data in a specific stage.

A version is a natural number (integer larger than 0) and you can access the specific version of a dataset by /v/{number}.

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