OpenCorporates - The Open Database Of The Corporate World

Open Database of corporate entities.

Open Database of corporate entities. As of 2011-04-09 has information on 7,841,828 companies from around the world. Jurisdictions covered include:

  • 41,292 Bermuda
  • 3,886,733 United Kingdom
  • 96,104 Gibraltar
  • 105,640 Isle of Man
  • 77,693 Iceland
  • 60,827 Jersey
  • 92,795 Luxembourg
  • 2,188,873 Netherlands
  • 97,653 Alaska (US)
  • 197,798 District of Columbia (US)
  • 996,420 Michigan (US)

There is good API access but currently but no bulk availability.


See However, should note that most data in OpenCorporates is scraped from elsewhere so this license only covers the ‘IP’ that OpenCorporates has obtained as a result of their efforts (and license of original databases, e.g. Companies House in the UK, is unclear).

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